We are a team!

Diversely is the brainchild of Candice VanWye and Michelle Benjamin. Both women had been running influencer agencies for years when they met in 2018 and decided to merge their companies. Michelle had run Curlfluence and had years of experience working with small brands to craft and execute in-kind campaigns while Candice had been running Brown Girl Bloggers and had years working with brands on unique brand ambassadorships and higher budgeted campaigns. 

In addition to connecting brands with diverse audiences and talent through influencer marketing Diversely also helps companies find diverse hires and cultivate amazing events.

A huge part of Diversely’s mission is to make sure diverse creatives are ready to work with brands. The company furthers this mission through Brown Girl Bloggers, their online community of influencers.

Established by Candice VanWye in 2014, Brown Girl Bloggers has served as a leading voice in the online community for WOC and has been able to foster the trust and respect of these influencers as well as their audiences.

Our dedicated team focuses on creating innovative strategies that are designed and managed to drive real results. From online dedicated brand campaigns to live events, we pride ourselves on creating fully customized experiences around your specific marketing objectives.

Meet The Leaders Of The Pack

Candice VanWye

Co-Founder & CEO

Michelle Benjamin

Co-Founder & COO